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MPC Dubstep 2016


Finally comes the app to create music that you were expecting, becomes the best set of applications to create Dubstep music Android!With this new app, Dubstep Music Creator, we offer the best features for DJ, music producers, artists ... Create your own music from your mobile or tablet, export your own mix, record your voice, upload your own creations, and issues and also share your creations with your friends!
The audio response has been improved to such an extent that the latency is negligible, the sound quality is better than ever and the customization features are top!
The samples have been selected from the best sound banks and their quality is high, try using a headset and see that the sound quality has been pushed to the limit. Its customization options are endless, its interface is intuitive and easy to use, and its new Share mode make this the best Music Pad music creation app for mobile devices and tablets!
Enjoy free pads professional response, the party DJ throwing samples rhythms and feel a real producer, has never been so easy!
Enjoy Dubstep create a musical instrument without limits and creates master sessions and share your music with anyone, but music made for you!
-New Recording-mode
Record your mixes made with the best quality app and then play them to surprise your friends, all without leaving the app!
-New Edit- Mode
Adjust the instrument to your liking to touch the samples where you better come.
I -Mode Share Beta
Share Mode and try our new social networking published in your best musical creations!
Feel like a real musical producer and starts playing the pads to create the ultimate pace .. Can you think of a good voice? Then record your own voice and add it to the mixture for use in your MPC, it's amazing the amount of possibilities that can bring this music creator.
All sounds and features of this magnificent music creator are free, and you will not have to pay for any function, just you see some ads.
The best app to create Dubstep music with perfect audio responseChoose from various kits with high quality audio samples used by the best producers in the world of commercial musicCustomize your MPC Dubstep with different backgrounds and colorsSeveral kits with the best sound quality lossless audio, and are also customizableAudio Samples with high quality studySocial function to share your creationsMusic Maker fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets
If you want to create good music and feel the best music producer, try this app and you'll be surprised, now you begin to create the best music from your own phone!
Try our new series of MPC fully renovated and filled with samples to create great songs and become a music producer who always wanted to be.